The Rainbow Bird

The Rainbow Bird – Dreaming a New Earth

Out of the darkness and into the light, watch the rainbow bird take flight.

The Rainbow Bird is my personal blog where I share my dreams (inner world journeys) and experiences (outer world journeys).

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Ascension Dream

The Ascension Prophecy Dream I was following my higher guidance to go to the land and be present. The take home message in the plant medicine journey was loud and clear: “Go to the land and be present. Don’t focus on doing. Just be.” I had to release my conditioning and my comfortable life ofContinue reading “Ascension Dream”

The Potential of the Conscious Human-Being Harnessing the Power of Emotion

Lately I’ve been going about my days, and sometimes questions will arise within me. It’s amazing to see how quickly the answers manifest. Sometimes I will read a Facebook post with the answer, sometimes I will meet someone who brings the answer up in conversation. One such example of this happened recently. I’ve recently beenContinue reading “The Potential of the Conscious Human-Being Harnessing the Power of Emotion”

States of Being

I share some wisdom from qigong masters that I have elaborated on somewhat. There are many different states of being. Too much focus on the only the body, doesn’t allow us to be able to transcend the body easily and we can go too much into bodily pain. This can cause us to attach tooContinue reading “States of Being”

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