The Rainbow Bird

The Rainbow Bird – Dreaming a New Earth

Out of the darkness and into the light, watch the rainbow bird take flight.

The Rainbow Bird is my personal blog where I share my dreams (inner world journeys) and experiences (outer world journeys).

Latest from the Blog

States of Being

I share some wisdom from qigong masters that I have elaborated on somewhat. There are many different states of being. Too much focus on the only the body, doesn’t allow us to be able to transcend the body easily and we can go too much into bodily pain. This can cause us to attach tooContinue reading “States of Being”

Shamanic Initiation and Rebalancing on Mudwood Magicland

After recent inner journeying experiences, I had finally stepped fully into my fierce warrior archetype within. The strong and proud don’t-fuck-with-me attitude was well and surely integrated. In fact, I was quite enjoying the power and strength that felt so new to me. The pendulum had perhaps swung a little too far. But nature hasContinue reading “Shamanic Initiation and Rebalancing on Mudwood Magicland”

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